More About Spinning

Name Description
CARD MACHINES • RIETER C4, C50, C51, C60 • TRUTZSCHLER DK 715, 740, 760, 803, 903, & TC03 with & without IDF • HOWA carding machines of different models • CROSROL Mk3. Mk4, Mk5, Mk6, Single & Tandem • BONINO Carding Machines from Italy of different Models • Ingolstadt carding machines etc .
DRAWING MACHINES • RIETER SB & RSB Models, 851, 951, D30, D35, SB2, etc. • TRUTZSCHLER Draw frames of different models • TOYODA Draw frames of all different models • CHERRY HARRA Draw frames etc.
SIMPLEX MACHINES • HOWA RMK, RME etc. TOYODA, FL6, FL16, FL100 • ZINSER Simplex Machines RIETER Simplex Machines .
RING MACHINES • RIETER Ring Frames (K-44 & G-33) in Different models and length • TOYODA Ring Frames HOWA Ring Frames • MARZOIL Ring Frames CHINESE Ring Frames etc .
AUTOCONES • MURATA auto cones of different models 7-II, 7-V, 21C manual and auto feed • SAVIO Espero, Orion, Polar & link Coners • SCHLAFHORST 238, 338, and link coners .
OPEN END • RIETER Brands open ends • SCHLAFHORST SE8, SE9-, SE10, SE11, and SE12 and lot of used Parts Auto Coro and Auto Cone • SAVIO Open end machines of different kind • ELITEX open end machines